What is the difference between the Electronic Ignition systems BOXHILL offers?

All of our Electronic Ignition systems use a hot surface ignitor, though their quality varies. AWEIS + Weatherbeater are top of the line, and sense temperature to verify flame. The PH-Ignite monitors the flame electronically. The primary difference between systems comes when placed within 5 feet of a pool. For this condition, you'll want to pick up our Weatherbeater or PH-Ignite systems. AWEIS runs on 24v AC - making the system suitable for many other conditions, but not pool-side.

Weatherbeater and PH-Ignite models operate on 12v AC. NEC 2017 Code requires any automated fire features installed within 5 feet of the edge of a swiming pool to meet these requirements:
- Be supplied by a transformer or power supply that is listed, labeled and identified for use in swimming pool and spa installation.
- Have a power supply not exceeding either 15v AC or 30v DS.
- The metal components within the fire feature, as well as the power supply, must be bonded to the pool's steel frame using a #8 copper wire.